Tips For Buying The Perfect Men’s Belt

There’s no rule that says that you can’t wear men’s belts with suits, or even as part of a more casual outfit. However, what you do wear them with is important to note. A men’s belt will go well with most outfits, but there are some key things you should consider before making your purchase! Keep reading to learn more about 7 tips for buying the perfect men’s belt.

1. The Belt Should Be In Good Condition

You have to make sure that the belt you’re considering purchasing is in good condition. If you see any signs of excessive wear or it just looks like it’s seen better days, then you should definitely cross it off of your list. While a little bit of wear over the years isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are only certain types of belts that look fashionable when they’re worn down. They’re thinner and have a more casual appearance. If you have a wider belt, then it should still be in new condition.

2. Figuring Out Your Size Is Important

When you go to purchase your men’s belt, don’t just walk in to the nearest store with the first one in sight that looks good. You have to put some serious thought into it. Do you know your size? This might seem like something silly to ask, but a lot of men don’t actually know what their waist size is or how many inches they should order when they buy belts online or at stores. Measure your waist and then look at the sizing charts that are included in the box or on the website.

3. The Buckle Should Be Functional

There’s nothing worse than having a really nice looking belt only to not be able to use it because it’s broken. Even if you think that there’s no possible way that you can damage the buckle, accidents still happen and there are times where buckles simply break. If you have a more expensive belt, this is one of the first things that someone will notice when they look at you. You don’t want to put yourself in any uncomfortable situations. So make sure that your buckle works.

There are numerous ways to wear a men’s belt, however if you consider the tips above, they can help you find the perfect belt that goes well with any clothing item you already have. A lot of guys prefer just wearing belts altogether on their own, but they’re not always in the mood to do so.