9 Creative Credenzas To Compliment Your Dining Room

A creative or interesting credenza is an excellent way to spice up your dining room by accentuating your style as well as providing some much-needed functionality to your dining space. While it is true that credenzas are traditionally simple cabinet-style storage spaces, that does not always have to be the case. Here are 9 creative credenzas you can use to compliment your dining room:

1) Zarah Butterfly

The Zarah Butterfly Credenza from Society6 is a beautiful expression of color and the vibrancy of nature. While the butterfly may be the focal point of this expressive piece, the depth and color of the surrounding plant life are what truly bring this credenza to life.

2) Abstract O1

The word abstract is right. The Abstract and vibrant shapes and colors of this simple yet engaging piece are a great example of how so much can be achieved with such a minimal color palate and great design choices.

3) Urban Tribal Pattern

This Aztec-style credenza from Society6 is a highly versatile yet specific and engaging design that is perfect for a light room with lots of plant life. Its focus is clearly on the patterns and shapes enjoyed by ancient societies modernized for a comfortable home.

4) Vintage Rust

This brilliant copper and blue faux rust credenza will be perfect for any creative space like a home office or an art studio. The juxtaposition between old and new, faded yet shining and brilliant, is what makes this piece stand out.

5) Halfmoon

The Halfmoon colorblock credenza plays off pastel blues and makes excellent use of negative space to distort the size and shape of the piece in a unique and enjoyable way.

6) Tangerine Swirl

This funky retro credenza from Society6 gives off hippy 60s vibes without being in your face about it. It is expressive yet subtle and would be perfect for a kid’s playroom or any natural living space.

7) Vintage and Shabby

This shabby-chic bright and vibrant piece is everything you could possibly need to give life and depth to a room. The beautiful flowers, tropical birds, and rich colors are outstanding in all the right ways.

8) Abstract Minimalist

Not every credenza needs to be in your face with flash and color. Sometimes, it takes something more subtle to do the job. This abstract minimalist plant design from Society6 does just that.

9) Sun Retro

Last, and certainly not least, we have the Sun Retro which says everything you need to know. Bright, expressive, colorful, and full of life. This credenza will spark joy and ignite conversation in any room it makes its home.

As you can see there are plenty of cool credenzas out there that can shake up your dining area and bring the whole room to life. Credenzas may have once been plain and unexpressive that is no longer the case!

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