Best Relaxing Massage Chairs

When it comes to choosing the best massage chair for your home or office, there are a lot of options available with extra features and attractive designs. However, the best option for you will always depend on your individual needs and preferences. Some prefer a simple massage chair with basic functionality while others prefer a more advanced model complete with features like automatic incline adjustment, built-in speakers or USB ports. So here is a quick guide to help you choose between various features and models:

1) Number of masseuses.

This probably comes under the first feature because the more masseuses in your massage chair, the better it is. Plus, they are an extra convenience if you want to use your massage chair at home or at the office. On average, there are 3-6 masseuses per chair which isn’t a very massive number but still enough for most people.

2) Weight Capacity and Electric Seat Adjustments.

These two features together determine how many people can use your massage chair with ease as well as how comfortable they feel when seated in it. The latter is very important.

3) Incline Adjustment.

This is a very important feature if you want to use your massage chair at home or at the office or in the various places you go regularly. Almost all massage chairs have an automatic incline adjustment feature and this is a very useful addition.

4) Touch Screen Display.

Most massage chairs nowadays come with touch screens which are an easy way to control all the functions of your chair without getting up for it every time.

5) Built-in Speaker(s).

If you want to use your massage chair in the office or at home, the built-in speaker is a useful addition. Not everyone needs it but it’s nice to have one if you do.

6) USB Ports/Headphones.

Some massage chairs come with USB ports for charging mobile devices and built-in headphones for those who like listening to some music on their massages.


There are a lot of massage chairs available on the market today and choosing the right one for you can be a hard task. However, there are some very useful features that make all the difference in the world. Now, you know what to look out for when buying one and hopefully, you will find your perfect model with ease.

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