Best Furniture Sofas

Choosing the best furniture sofas for your home is a complicated process that can quickly become overwhelming. From material to size and shape, there’s a lot to consider before you purchase. However, once you know what you’re looking for it should be easy to find the perfect choice for your living space. To help simplify this process, below are eight types of sofas that will suit almost any design style. Take a look at each one and decide which one speaks most to you!

L-shaped Sofa

The first sofa is known as an L-shaped sofa because it looks like an “L”. This type of couch has two armrests on either side with room for guests or kids in between. It’s great for those who have large living rooms because it takes up a lot of space, making it ideal for sprawling out, eating and entertaining.

Corner Sofa

This next sofa is often called a corner sofa. It is typically placed in the corner of your room so that two sides of the couch face the wall. This type of sofa is very versatile and can fit into almost any room, but you should make sure that it will fit through your doorways without being damaged.

A futon

If you’re looking for a smaller sofa that’s easy to move around, then this next one is for you! A futon can be purchased with an optional frame or without one depending on your needs. It is considered a sofa bed, so it can be used as an extra bed by taking off the frame. This makes it great for families with children or roommates who want to save space.

Sofa sleepers

Sofa sleepers are built especially for those who are looking for a small sofa that is comfortable and portable. They fold up easily and can be stored out of sight in small closets or under beds. Check out the illustration below to see how this type of sofa looks when unfolded and closed up.

A foldout sofa

If you’re looking for a sofa that can double as an extra bed, then this next one is perfect for you! A foldout sofa is built with two cushions, one on each side of the sofa. That way when your guests come over it becomes a bed. This allows you to have guests over in your space without having to sleep in different rooms or spend money on an extra couch.

This next sofa can be either a sleeper or a loveseat depending on how you want to use it. Although it is technically a loveseat as shown below, it can be turned into a sleeping area. This makes it perfect for small spaces where multiple people will be using the living room area. It is great for movie nights with friends!

Sectional sofa

If you’re looking for an extra-large sofa that’s perfect for large family gatherings then this type of sofa may just have what you’re looking for! The sectional is comprised of pieced together sections that create lounging areas that are comfortable and inviting. It also comes with a pullout bed so that you can sleep on the sectional in case you are hosting more than one person.


The right sofa will make all the difference in your living space. You spend a lot of time relaxing on it watching TV, reading, chatting with guests and even sleeping. Choose one that fits your space and style to cap off your room!

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