9 Best Bedding Sets

If you are sleeping in bedding that looks and feels good, you are going to be happy and probably have a better night’s sleep too. Nordstrom has a variety of different items so let’s have a look at their 9 best bedding sets.

1 - Unikko Duvet Set

Let your floral side out with this gorgeous design complete with red flowers. This is a joyful graphic and the fabric is made from 100% cotton so you are guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep.

2 - Focus Duvet Set

For something a little more understated but still absolutely stunning is this crisp and elegant set. The embroidery is done really well and it includes polka dots for a modern finish.

3 - Suvi Duvet Set

If you are a lover of nature, this duvet set might be right up your street. It features flowers and leaves in earthy autumnal colors. It is made from the highest quality cotton and could definitely become your new favorite bedding set.

4 - White Sands Duvet Set

This duvet set has quite rustic vibes to it, it’s attractive and quite unique in its design. It is made from 100% cotton, available in different sizes, and is warming and comfortable to the touch.

5 - Jurmo Duvet Set

This is a gorgeous bedding set that is inspired by the Finnish landscape. It features a bright pebble and stone design and is host to neutral colors that would suit any bedroom.

6 - Avenue Stripe Duvet Set

This is a textured set in an olive color, which is understated and pretty. The different shades of green are eyecatching in a subtle way and the duvet in general is very high-quality.

7 - Rasymatto Duvet Set

This modern effect duvet is cool and a favorite amongst people young and old. It would suit most bedrooms due to its neutral colors and attractive design.

8 - Ojakellukka Duvet Set

If you want something a little more bold and out there, you can’t go wrong with this eye-catching and colorful set. The bright flowers are attractive and would definitely look great in a bedroom that has more character.

9 - National Park Stripe Duvet Set

This is a pretty duvet set that is quite simple. It is white with some rainbow stripes that add a little more character. This could definitely become your new go-to bedding set.

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